Nearby restaurants (2km)

La Villa

“Welcome to La Villa, we have the pleasure of welcoming you in a relaxed atmosphere, where the bohemian chic decor creates a unique atmosphere.”

La Giara Di Alfano

“La vera carbonara: one of our specialities made with fresh produce straight from Italy!”

La Suggestion

“A place of discovery and conviviality, La Suggestion offers a warm welcome to lovers of authentic French cuisine.”

Restaurants in the area


“Nestling in the heart of the pretty village of Thorembais-Saint-Trond, the Valduc-Thor brewery is carrying on the brewing tradition by reviving the old Meurice-Hanquet brewery not far away!”

Quel Bon Vin t’Amène

“Ganevat * Belluard * Gross  * Vouette & Sorbée * Battle Barabeig * Croft  * Maréchal * Mérande  * Bock * Gramenon *…”

Au Gré du Train

“After earning his spurs at various renowned eateries, Xavier Willems now heads up the kitchen of Au Gré du Train. Xavier draws his inspiration from traditional Belgian dishes to offer generous, delicious and original cuisine.”

For a special occasion :


“A moment at L’horizon is all about discovering the creations of a chef gifted with an ever-evolving desire for perfection.”

Altro Mondo

“The Un Altro Mondo restaurant offers gourmet Italian cuisine in the heart of Walloon Brabant.”

Spaans Dak

“Splendidly located on the edge of Meerdaal Forest and between the ponds of the recreational area “Zoet Water” just 7 km south of Leuven is the Spanish Roof.”